You can join any of our Aurifil "Threads Of The Month Clubs" at any time.

If you would like to join our Thread Club please click here or continue reading for more information.

We now have 2 beautiful Thread Club Versions, each version has different thread colours (there are no duplications).They both have a beautiful range of thread colours that will compliment any quilting project you may have, from colours suitable to use with reproduction fabrics, soft pastels, vibrant batiks and brights. By the end of the 12 month program you will have a complete thread box containing 72 beautiful Aurifil threads.

How does the Thread Club work?

You can join our Thread Club at anytime because it is a rolling 12 month program, once a month you will be sent a collection of 6, 200m spools of Aurifil Cotton Mako 50wt thread, your first delivery will also include a clear storage box for you to store your threads in which will make it very easy for you to take all your threads to your sewing classes in one simple container.


Month 1: $67.20 (includes postage) Extra cost for month 1 is to cover the cost of the thread case.
Months 2-12:$48.95 per month (includes postage).

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